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Let me introduce you to my delectable gourmet food products...

Love Morsels Fruit Cakes

Simply Delicious! My Southern Grandma's recipe for a uniquely rich, moist and fragrant traditional dark fruit cake made only with the freshest and finest ingredients. This fruit cake has deep rich flavors that will continue to develop over time. Love Morsels are meant to be enjoyed as a rich treat. Our fruit cake is hand-crafted in small batches, its moist crumb, enhanced with the flavor of Kentucky bourbon. Not only are my fruit cakes the perfect Thanksgiving and Christmas gift, Love Morsels are meant to be savored all year.

Forget what you think you know about fruit cake!

Introducing: Kookra Krisps

A riff on the fruitcake. A nod and a wink to my Mom and Grandma.

Kookra Krisps are loaded with the yummy ingredients I use in my fruit cakes. Kookra's are a combination of a cookie and a cracker -- not too sweet, and not too savory. They may remind you of my Love Morsels fruit cake, but are unique in their own way. Kookra’s are made using many of the same ingredients I use in my fruitcakes. They are thin and crispy, delightful on their own, paired with wine and cheese, or just enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea. As with our Love Morsels fruit cakes, Kookra Krisps are made using only the finest ingredients and are hand-crafted in small batches.

Kookra Krisps are awesome paired with cheese. Try Kookra's with:

  • A rich double cream brie
  • An aged, sharp white cheddar
  • A tangy goat cheese
  • A lovely Gorgonzola Dolce...

You’re gonna love ‘em!